Once upon a time, a super smart lady named Whitney Wolfe Herd did something amazing in the world of online dating. She left one company, Tinder, and decided to start her own called Bumble. And guess what? She’s super rich now, with a billion dollars!

A Happy and Sad Moment

Whitney recently said, “Bye-bye” to being the big boss at Bumble. But don’t worry, another fantastic lady named Lidiane Jones is taking over. Whitney will still be around to help, just not as the big boss.

Bumble’s Special Idea: Girls Take Charge

Back in 2014, when Whitney started Bumble, it was different from other apps. She wanted girls to feel super powerful. In Bumble, girls are the ones who say “Hi” first to start chatting with someone new. It’s like a rule to make girls feel strong and in control.

Whitney’s Billionaire Adventure

Guess what happened after just seven years? Whitney became the youngest lady billionaire in the world! Bumble even had cool ads saying, “Girls, you can be CEOs and find someone you really like.” Whitney loved cheering for girls in business.

Helping Others and Having Fun

Whitney didn’t just make Bumble. She also talked a lot about girls being awesome in business. On Instagram, she shared pictures of her kids, her work, and hanging out with famous friends like Reese Witherspoon. She likes to mix her work and her fun!

Hard Times Before the Fun

Whitney had some tough times before Bumble. When she was young, she went through not-so-good relationships. She even had to go to court because of some problems at her old job. But, she didn’t give up, and now she’s a superstar!

Bumble’s Surprise Beginning

Did you know Whitney didn’t plan to make another dating app after leaving Tinder? A friend convinced her, and together with some other friends, they made Bumble in 2014. She was only 25 years old! That’s like being a superhero!

Bumble’s Cool Start: All About Girl Power

At the beginning, Bumble had lots of amazing women working there. It was rare to see so many girls in tech. Bumble wanted to make sure girls felt strong, so they made a rule that girls talk first after matching. It’s like giving girls the key to start the conversation!

The Happy Ending: Whitney’s Big Impact

Whitney Wolfe Herd did something really cool in the world of dating. Even though she’s not the big boss anymore, Bumble will keep making friends and helping girls feel powerful. Whitney is like a superhero for girls who want to change the world!

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